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Shastra Puja – Navratri Sastra Pooja during Durga Puja

Shastra Puja is held on the ninth day of the Navratri Festival – this is the Mahanavami day during Durga Puja. The weapons (Sastra or Astra) used by Goddess Durga are worshipped on this day. Shastra Puja 2023 date is October 24. Today, people worship the tools and objects that they use to earn a livelihood.

Shastra Puja is also known as Ayudha Puja in South India. A similar ritual held during Durga Puja is the Astra Puja.

Earlier, the kings used to worship the weapons used in war on the Shastra Puja day. Weapons like sword, spear, bow and arrow were kept for purification ritual on the day and they would remain untouched the whole day. After proper rituals they were taken on the next day.

Today, people worship and perform purification rituals on objects they use to earn their bread.