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Anant Chaturthi – Anant Puja

Anant Chaturthi is popularly noted for the immersion of Ganesha idols after Vinayaka Chaturti – Sarvajanik Ganapati Visarjan. Anant Chaturthi 2017 date is September 5. It falls on the 14th day of Bhadrapad shukla paksha (waxing phase of moon) in a traditional Hindu calender. Anant Puja is held on the day at homes mainly in Maharashtra. Anantapadamanabha Vrata is observed on the day in South India. Anant Vrata is dedicated Lord Vishnu.

Note - The original name of the day is Anant Chaturdasi (Anant Chaturthi is a wrong interpretation but as people inquire about it we have published the article under this title.)

On the day Anant Chaturthi day, devout Hindus in Maharashtra perform Vishnu Puja, Krishna Puja and Satyanarayana Puja. The puja also consists of Yamuna Puja, Shesha Puja and Anant Puja. Water in a kalash (pot) is assumed to be yamuna, Shesha is made of grass and Anant consists of 14 knotted threads. The 14-knot thread is known as Ananta Dharam.

The number 14 is of great significance in Anant Chaturthi Puja – during puja 14 flowers, 14 fruits, 14 dry fruits, 14 different types of leaves are offered. The food prepared also consists of 14 types of vegetables and grams. Sweets and Chana Dal are also made as prasad.

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