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Solar Eclipse and Pregnant Women in Hindu Religion - What Precautions Should Pregnant Women Take During Surya Grahan?

There are numerous doubts regarding Surya Grahan (Solar Eclipse) and Pregnancy in Hindu religion. There are several Hindus who believe that Surya Grahan can affect pregnant women. Some Hindus are also of the view that eclipses do not have any effect on pregnant women. The ideal decision made by many people during the period is to stay indoors. 

There are no clear scientific data that proves that Eclipse affect Pregnant women. Some researches done by Indian scientists on animals prove that eclipses cause damage to offspring of animals. All the researches are inconclusive.

As per Hindu Scriptures, nobody should look at the Surya Grahan directly. Most of the other Hindu practices during Grahan are based on regional knowledge and many of them have no scientific backing but still many people follow them.

Other dos and don’ts include

Do not use knife or other sharp weapons.
Do not cut vegetables.
Avoid wearing metals especially sari pins, jewelry etc.
Don’t sleep during Grahan.
Try to maintain silence.
Some scriptures suggest that women should sit on a bed of Darbha Grass and chant the Santana Gopala Mantra.

Caution: The most important aspect that pregnant women should keep in mind is not to fall for fake astrologers, fake jyothishis and fake priests who try to take advantage of people’s fears. Avoid spending money of expensive pujas and dosha removals.

Surya Grahan is a solar phenomenon and there is nothing to worry about it. Just stay indoors during the period and avoid looking directly at the eclipse.

Avoid tension and unwanted fear, this will cause more damage than the Grahan. Do not believe in hearsay. Take advice from your doctor only.

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