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Different Types of Shaligram - Salagrama Stones Of Krishna

Salagrama or Shaligram are natural stones that are considered to be divine manifestation of Lord Vishnu. There are different types of Salagrama stones based on the stripes found on it. Some stripes look like conch (shanka), discus (chakra), which are symbols of Lord Vishnu. The different types of stripes are found outside and in the curves of the Salagrama. Based on the distinct marks, the Salagramas are classified as different manifestations of Vishnu.

Here are some of the different types of Salagramas:

Lakshmikantha Salagrama: One that is multi-colored and surrounded on all sides by snake-like hoods is called Lakshmikantha Salagrama. This particular Salagrama is considered as a treasure by many and is believed to help in gaining prosperity and material wealth. The Salagrama containing the discuss (Chakra) symbol is also known as Lakshmikantha.

Vamana Shaligram: The Salagrama having the stripes in the form of conch (shanka) is known as Vamana.

Damodara Salagrama: The Salagramas that are unusually large with a cavity is known as Damodara. It will also bear the mark of a discus. Some Damodar Shaligram will also have yellow line.

Vamadeva Salagrama: The Salagramas that looks like a hood of snake or that has golden shine or that has a discus (chakra) with golden color is referred as Vamadeva. Possession of it is believed to help in prosperity and peace.

Varaha Shaligram: The Salagrama that contains stripes in the form of Tortoise or the foot of the cow is known as Varaha.

Another popular Salagrama is a pure black color one with the symbol of Chakra. Possession of it provides an owner with prosperity, happiness, health and children.

Another unique Salagrama is the one with green color on the left side. It is believed to help in redemption of sins. Some believe that its very presence helps in staying away from committing sins.

Yellow color Salagramas are believed to represent the Devas (demigods).

Red color Salagrama represents the Narasimha Avatar of Lord Vishnu. It is believed that the possession of it will help in attaining liberation or Moksha.

Other auspicious types of Salagrama are those that have the shape of an umbrella and fully circular one.

There are also Salagramas the possession of which can bring ill luck and disasters. Salagrama stone with the shape of a flat nose will bring grief and that with a pointed edge will lead to fight. The stripes resembling Lakshmi Narasimha is also believed to bring poverty, disaster and ill health.