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Papanasini Ekadasi – Papanashini Ekadashi

Papanashini Ekadasi is observed when there is rare combination of Pushya Nakshatra overlapping from the Ekadashi day to the next day, which is the Dwadashi day. Such a complex calculation is only followed in certain regions and by certain communities. In 2019, Papanasini Ekadasi date is March 17. It is mainly observed in Orissa and by certain Vaishnava sects. The Ekadasi on March 17 is known as Amalaki Ekadashi in all other regions.

The Dwadasi day, the day after this Ekadasi, is a highly auspicious day in Puri Jagannath Temple. It is known as Govinda Dwadasi day and it is expected that nearly a million people will take holy dip in the sea near Jagannath Temple. A rare combination of calculations as per Hindu astrology and almanac taking place after 48 years on this day.