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Dhulivandan In Maharashtra

Dhulivandan is an important festival in Maharashtra and it coincides with the Holi festival. In 2025, the date of Dhulivandan is March 14. It is celebrated on the day after Holika Dahan in Phalguna month. The festival is of great importance to farmers and agriculturalists. The ashes of Holika burned on the previous night and soil are worshipped by the farmers for a good harvest.

Dhulivandan is observed in Maharashtra when the rest of the country plays Rang Holi. Nowadays, Dhulivandan in its strict traditional sense is limited to rural areas. In cities most people play Holi with colors on the day.

There is a popular belief that Lord Shiva opened his third eye burned down Kamadeva to ashes on the day.

Shiva Burning Kamdev a Great Sacrifice

Kamdev was chosen to kindle the feeling of love in Lord Shiva who had entered into a deep meditation after the death of Goddess Sati. Kamdev knew that Lord Shiva was endowed with a fiery sight and disturbing him from his meditation is inviting death. But he performed the act so that the world that had gone lopsided with Shiva entering into intense meditation would be restored. 
What was feared happened and Lord Shiva burned Kamdev into ashes for disturbing Him. This sacrifice by Kamdev to save the world was not forgotten by people. Numerous rituals are associated with the sacrifice.
Numerous rituals in India are based on this legend. The other rituals include Thiruvathira Festival in KeralaMadan DwadasiKaman PandigaiMadana Trayodasi and Anang Trayodasi.