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A Prayer dedicated to Lord Venkateswara from Tallapaka Annamacharya

You are not the one who stands at one place!
If you are truly perceived, You are everywhere!

''As is the self in one's body, so is the self in all living creatures"
the one who thinks thus, he himself is like You!
Like one's mother who gave birth, if one sees all women thus
that sinless one, he himself is like You!

At all times unfailingly adhering to the vow of being truthful,
the one who conducts thus in a superior way, he himself is like You!
The one who considers all wealth as mere trifle,
and who has conquered desires, he himself is like You!

Joyfully viewing pleasures and pains with equanimity
one who accepts them thus, he himself is like You!
O Lord of Venkatachala, You who are proclaimed by the knowers of the Vedas,
You alone are the beginning, the end, and everything!!