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Hindu Blog Turns 2

The first post on hindu-blog.com happened two years ago. It was a spurt of the moment decision to begin Hindu Blog. With no good guide to follow, I groped in the dark during the first few months. There were no visitors, no friends, no ideas exchanged but I was learning a lot about Hinduism. So the thought of quitting never came to my mind. And by the time the core teachings of Sanatana Dharma had done its magic – it taught me that all I had to do was realize the Brahman in me and what was stopping me from self realization was the ego and ignorance that had accumulated from various sources.

So to cleanse myself of ego and ignorance, I started learning and it continues…While learning, I came across several interesting ideas, thoughts and facts and I started sharing it through the blog.

Then slowly people started visiting the blog, ideas were exchanged and ideas for a particular post started evolving from these exchanges. So Hindu Blog is primarily the result of what Hindus want to know about their religion.

As of me, I am still continuing my learning and searching… In the beginning I used to get angry at distorted pictures and graphics of Hindu gods, I used to get angry when people used to make fun of Hinduism and I used to react through articles in the blog. But later I realized that the anger was due to my ignorance and my lack of understanding the teachings of Sanatana Dharma… slowly and steadily I am trying to stop being reactionary. But I do respect the views aired by all sections of Hindu society.

A word about advertisements on Hindu Blog. The answer is money is like water. It is essential for survival but it can also drown… The advertisements are for the survival of the blog and blogger – I had seen several sites dedicated to Hinduism being stopped as they had no money to maintain it. Another method is to collect donation or get affiliated to some organization but both the ideas will negatively affect the independent character of the blog.

Hindu Blog strongly believes that Hinduism is based on self realization and not borrowed realization. Each individual should realize That (Brahman) and not by becoming blind follower of another. The blog also believes that there is need for a reformation in Hindu society with more emphasis on equality and philanthropic activities.

Thanks to all the readers for making the blog a success. Thanks for all the comments, ideas, constructive criticisms, encouragements…

Keep sharing your ideas and thoughts….