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Savitri Brata 2017 date in Orissa

Savitri Brata is observed by married women in Orissa and eastern parts of India for the wellbeing of husbands. In 2017, the date of Savitri Brata is May 25. Savitri Vrata falls on the Amavasi or No moon day in the month of Jyeshta (April – May). This popular observance is based on the Savitri – Satyavan Legend in the Mahabharata.

Legend has it that Savitri was able to rescue her husband, Satyavan, from the clutches of Yama, the god of death. She achieved this impossible task through sheer determination, courage and perseverance.

Savitri Brata fasting is from sunrise to sunset. An important event on the day that all married women compulsorily take part is the reading of the Sabirti Brata Katha (story of Savitri).

In some regions, the parents or brothers of married women pay for all the expenses needed for the Savitri Brata Puja.

You can find more about Savitri Brata including How to observe Savitri Brata and the story of Savitri and Satyavan in this article.

Kantatman – About Hindu God Kantatman

Kantatman is a deity mentioned in certain Vaishnava scriptures and some minor Hindu scriptures. He is the god of medicine. He is believed to have carried the nectar of immortality or Amrut.

He is the twentieth of the thirty-nine minor avatars of Lord Vishnu.

Some scholars are of the view that Kantatman is just another name of Lord Dhanvantri. This is because it was Dhanvantri who appeared with the nectar of immortality at the end of the churning of the ocean.
He is also equated with Pradyumna – son of Lord Krishna and god of love.

Story of the fight between Krishna and King Salva of Saubha

For a Detail Understanding of Online Puja – Interview with website Poojas – Which Provides Spiritual Remedies and Spiritual Solutions

I am pleased to post the following interview with a website associated with Hindu Religion – This e-commerce website provides spiritual remedies and spiritual solutions. Nearly a dozen such portals help devotees in performing puja and rituals. The interview is an attempt to understand the concept of online puja how the services are provided and what all services they provide.

Interview with Mekhala .V. Jois of

She was kind enough to give a detail explanation on how pujas are performed and the effort they take to make sure they follow the Shastras while conducting the pujas.

Q1) Why a website like How is it beneficial to Hindu clients? We have been offering services in the spiritual remedies space for over 15 years through the offline mode. An increasing trend in the number of problems of people across the globe, compelled us to go online. Now with our online presence, it has become easy for people who genuinely need spiritual remedies and related servic…

Doubt obscures the light which guides – Sadhu Vaswani

Doubt blots out the guiding stars. Doubt fills the soul with despair. Doubt obscures the light which guides.

The essential thing is faith. Faith is Shraddha not blind belief in a creed or sect, but firm aspiration to gain wisdom.

And in addition to faith, you must have mastery over your senses. Master your senses: let them not carry you away. Let the sails of aspiration bear you swiftly to the deathless.
All bondage is sin. Not only bondage of unrighteousness but, also, the bondage of self righteousness, of conscious virtue, of ahankara which says “I am virtuous! I am good! I am Pure!
– Sadhu Vaswani

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