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Kumar Sashti 2017 – Kumara Sasti 2017

Kumar Sashti is believed to be the day when Hindu God Kartik incarnated on earth. The day is of great significance in North and Western parts of India and Nepal. Kumar Sashti 2017 date is June 29. Son of Shiva and Parvati, Kartik is also known as
Kumar, Muruga, Skanda and Kumara. Kumar Sasti is observed on the sixth day of the Shukla Paksha of Ashada Month in North India, Nepal and Maharashtra.

The popular belief is that Goddess Parvati will be very pleased when prayers are offered to Skanda or Kumara. This is the reason she is known as Skanda Mata and is worshiped on the sixth day of Navratri.

Legend has it that Lord Kartik was born to defeat the demons and uphold dharma. Thus he is the General of the Army of Devas and vanquishes demons.

What to do on Kumar Sashti?

Lighting six lamps in temples dedicated to Skanda or Shiva will help in overcoming business and financial troubles.

Those who have trouble in relationships will find relief if Dahi and Sindhoor are offered to Kumara. The sa…

Story of Gajasura and the Head of Ganesha

There are numerous stories that attempts to explain as to how Ganesha got the elephant head. One such story is associated with Gajasura and Shiva.

Gajasura was an ardent devotee of Shiva. He performed intense austerities and performed Tapas for several years. Finally, the harsh penance of Gajasura pleased Shiva who promised him a boon.

The demons requested Shiva to stay in his stomach.

Lord Shiva is also Bholenath and he agreed to the wish of his devotee.

Goddess Parvati was devastated and he sought the help of Lord Vishnu. Mother Goddess Parvati and Lord Vishnu stitched together a plan.

Vishnu disguised as a musician, Brahma became a tabala player and Nandi became the dancing bull. Together they performed before Gajasura.

The dance of Nandi impressed so much Gajasura that he offered him anything he wanted. Nandi asked Shiva back.

Gajasura agreed even though he knew that this meant his death.

Pleased with his Dharma, Vishnu and Brahma asked him what boon he wanted, he told the gods t…

Amarnath Trivia – Amarnath Yatra in Numbers

More than 200,000 people participate in the annual Amarnath Yatra.

Amarnath Cave is located around 145 kilometers from Srinagar.

It is a 5-day trek to reach the cave.

The cave is located at an altitude of 3,978 meter from sea level.

The cave is around 160 feet in length and 100 feet in breadth.

The size of the naturally formed Ice Shivling varies from 10 feet to 19 feet.

The cave is used for worship for more than 5000 years.

Apart from the naturally formed Ice Shivling, there is also a naturally formed Ganesh Peetah and Parvati Peetah in the cave. Some people believe that a Bhairav peetah is also formed naturally in the cave.

It is believed that having darshan of Amarnath Shivling is equal to visiting 23 teerth or sacred places. There are five holy spots on the way to Amarnath Cave they are Pahalgam, Chandanwari, Sheshnag Lake, Mahaganesh hill and Panchtarni.

A pair of pigeons is always present in the cave.

As Puranas darshan of Amarnath is equal to ten times the darshan at Kashi; …

Freedom from desire is total happiness

Freedom from desire is total happiness.

Whatever is done by a human being is prompted by some desire.

Desires are not satiated by their fulfillment; the more one tries to satisfy them, the more they grow. Attempts to fulfill a desire give rise to more desires.

The more desires a person has, the more agitated his or her mind will be.
It is impossible to give up all our desires. Therefore, we must have proper discrimination. We must not be driven by desires. Instead, we must be the master and take proper control over which desires need to be fulfilled and in such a manner that they do not give rise to new desires.

Wise words from various scriptures on desire.

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