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How Goddess Parvati Got the Name Aparna?

Aparna is one among the numerous names of Goddess Parvati. Aparna means without leaf or the leafless one. How Goddess Parvati got the name Aparna is found in the Puranas associated with Lord Shiva.

Sati took rebirth as Parvati and was born as the daughter of Himavan, the king of mountains, and his wife Meena. The main purpose of the rebirth of Sati was to bring back Lord Shiva into the life of a householder.

After the death of Sati at the 'yagna' conducted by Daksha, Shiva, after his initial intense outburst, isolated himself from the rest of the world and the led a reclusive life in Kailash. This tilted the balance of the world in favor of the Asuras (Demons) and the Devas had no choice but to find a way to bring back Shiva. The result of this was the birth of Parvati.

Parvati from a young age was determined to marry Shiva and she soon reached the cave in which Shiva was residing. But Shiva showed no interest in her. In fact, he behaved as if he was unaware of the presence of another living being.

Parvati tried numerous ways to attract Shiva but nothing worked. But she was not ready to give up as her sole mission in life was to become the consort of Shiva. So she kept on trying new methods to garner Shiva's attention.

Parvati then took the help of Rati and Kama – the gods of lust and desire. They did all wonderful things known to create lust and desire in Shiva. But instead of lust and desire, Shiva was filled with anger and he opened his third eye and burned down Kama into ashes.

This created another problem without Kama there will be no desire and there will be no birth. Parvati soon realized that to save the world from this crisis, she had to find a way to bring back Kama to life and this can only happen when Lord Shiva takes her as his consort.

Parvati then undertook severe austerities to win over Shiva. She began to lead a similar life led by Shiva. She started meditating on Shiva in a deep forest without eating or wearing anything. Not even a single leaf covered her body. Sanyasis in the region who admired her intention devotion named her Aparna – without even a leaf. This is how Goddess Parvati got the name Aparna.

Shiva could no longer ignore the intense 'Tapas' undertook by Parvati and married her. Soon Kama was restored and the world regained its balance and Devas could now take on Asuras with the help of Shiva.

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