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IGNCA to record and document Tribal Ramayanas

Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA) is currently recording and documenting the different tribal versions of Ramayana or Ram Katha. There is no clear record regarding the number of versions of Ramayana. Each society, whether it is tribal or non-tribal, has interpreted the Ramayana from its point of view.This ambitious project by IGNCA primarily aims to preserve the different forms of Ramayana narrative the tribals in India have been following for centuries. Tribal Ramayanas have been usually passed from one generation to another through oral tradition. Written records are very rare.By recording the various forms of tribal Ramayana, IGNCA will be doing a great service to those people who are interested in knowing more about Ramayana.RelatedDifferent versions of Ramayana around the World
Different versions of Ramayana in India