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Britain’s First State-funded Hindu School’s Definition of Practising Hindu too rigid

Britain’s first state-funded HinduSchool, the Krishna-Avanti school in Harrow, has come under criticism from Hindu organizations over its definition of ‘practising Hindu.’ The school is set to open in Harrow, north London, in September 2008 and the ‘practising Hindu’ definition is outlined in the admission policy of the school.According to the admissions policy document, the Krishna-Avanti school defines practising Hindus as those who follow a version of Hinduism requiring daily practice of deity worship and prayer either in the temple or at home; undertake weekly temple-related charity work; participate fortnightly in temple programmes; accept and put into practice the teachings of the Vedic scriptures, in particular the teachings of the Bhagavad-Gita; and abstain from meat, fish, eggs, alcohol and smoking.

The admissions policy also allows for available places to be filled by children from families ‘broadly following’ the tenets of Hinduism. But even this requires them to attend a te…

Narayaneeyam Quotes

O Supreme Being!
Once I thought that Thy creative activity
is a tragic sport, as it inflicts various forms
of suffering on embodied beings (jivas) involved
in the cycle of birth and deaths (samsara), but now
I do not think so. For, if there were no creation
and therefore no embodied beings, who would have been there
to revel in the ocean of unparalled joy derived from the
experience of seeing this Form of Thine replete with
consciousness and of hearing Thy glory?NarayaneeyamNarayaneeyam is a devotional hymn extolling the glory of Lord Krishna (Guruvayoorappan).