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Tirumantiram Quotes and Teachings

A collection of quotes and teachings from Tirumantiram.

Mistakenly I believed the body to be imperfect
But within it I realized the Ultimate Reality.
Tirumalar Tirumantiram 725

I sought Him in terms of I and you.
But He who knows not I from you taught me the truth that I indeed is you.
And now I talk not of I and you.

Dust Into Dust-That is Body's Way
The Vessel's clay was one, but of two Karmas made,
Firm-set, until Fate its grim summons gave;
Then the rains poured and back to clay the vessel turned;
Thus countless hordes perish and pass to the grave.

How Soon the Dead are Forgotten
The neighbors gathered wailing loud and long,
Denied him now a name, called him corpse,
And bore him to the burning ghat and the body burnt,
Then a ceremonial dip--and memory dies as the hours lapse.