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Supreme Court of India Upholds Dress Code Change in Guruvayur Temple

The Supreme Court of India upheld the dress code change in the Guruvayur SriKrishnaTemple in Kerala initiated by the temple administration. Guruvayur Devaswom Board, the temple administration, had decided to allow churidar-clad women into the temple. This decision was challenged in the Supreme Court by a devotee.The petitioner challenged the temple administration’s decision to change the dress code by stating that saris had been customarily worn for hundreds of years and that the Guruvayur Devaswom Board had no right to interfere in such matters and it was the prerogative of the Thantri (chief priest) to decide on dress code. The petitioner also stated that the sari is the only dress code which prevents exhibitionism in public. It is apprehended that the nod for the churidar is the first step towards loosening of rules and regulations at the temple.A three-judge bench headed by Chief Justice K.G. Balakrishnan rejected the appeal stating that the dress code has to change with the time,…

Surdas: A poem from Sur Sagar

Until you wake up to what you really are
you’ll be like the man who searches the whole jungle
for a jewel that hangs at his throat.Oil, wick, fire: until they mingle in a cruse
they scarcely produce any light,
So how can you expect to dissipate the darkness
simply by talking about lamps?You’re the sort of fool who sees your face
in a mirror, befouled by inky filth,
And proceeds to try to erase the blackness
by cleaning the reflection to a shine.Surdas says, it is only now the mind can see –
No that so countless many days are lost and gone –
For who has ever recognized the brilliance of the sun
But by seeing it through eyes gone blind?Surdas – (Sur Sagar or ‘Ocean of Sur’)