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Hanuman Returns

Hanuman Returns, aptly titled, is the sequel to the commercially successful Hanuman, which is registered in the Limca Book of Records as 'India's first indigenous animation film.' Hanuman Returns is a 2D animated feature film with 3D effects and will be initially released in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil. So, how is Hanuman Returning?It looks like Hanuman is Returning as a School Boy to take on modern day villains. For Precept Picture Company, the producers of Hanuman Returns, Lord Hanuman is an attitude, it is a global phenomenon, it exemplifies selflessness, courage, devotion, energy, strength and righteous conduct.Yes, Hanuman symbolizes selflessness, courage, unwavering devotion, strength and righteous conduct. Hope the film exploits all these qualities of Hanuman instead of just concentrating on strength and courage. If one is to go by this promo of Hanuman Returns there is nothing much to expect.
The film is scheduled to release in December 2007.

Website of Pandharpur Vitthal Rukmini Temple

Lord Vitthal and Rukmini are the most important deities of Maharashtrians. The deities are enshrined in the famous PandharpurVithobaTemple( renowned for the famous annual Pandharpur Yatra). Now, PandharpurVitthalRukminiTemple has gone online through its official website.

Lord Vitthal, also referred as Pandurang or Vithoba, is closely associated with Lord Krishna.

The web site is in Marathi and the address is