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Important Hindu Festivals and Auspicious Days in December 2007

5th December 2007 – Ekadasi9th December 2007 – Amavasai10th December 2007 – Vaikunda Ekadasi Festival at SriRanganathaTemple begins15th December 2007 – Sashti20th December 2007 – Vaikunda Ekadasi or Mokshada Ekadasi20th December 2007 – Bhagavad Gita Jayanti23rd December 2007 – Poornima (Pournami)23rd December 2007 – Poornima (in some calendars)

Atmananda Krishna Menon on Reality and Thought

When you ask why, when, where etc., in relation to the Reality, you take it for granted that why, when, where etc. are more real than Reality itself. This position is absurd. Therefore no such question can be asked, relating to the Reality.All Upanishadic methods try to eliminate you from the Anatma and to establish you in the Atma. But here according to the direct method you are shown that you can never get away either from your own shadow or from your reality. You are only asked to look deep into what you call Anatma, and see beyond the shadow of a doubt that it is nothing but Atma the Reality.Thought must have an object, but Consciousness has none.Atmananda Krishna Menon