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Animation Feature Film on Ayyappa – Manikantan

Manikantan, an animation film based on Lord Ayyappa, is being created by Trivandrum-based production house Increation, in association with Sai Raksha Entertainment and Indiatales. The movie is in 2D format and is based on the history of Lord Ayyappa.The 90-minute film is in Malayalam and will be dubbed into English and other regional languages. Manikantan’s music director is Ilayaraja. Local newspaper reports indicate that the story of the film will be narrated through the eyes of a seven-year-old Parvati and her parrot Panchami. Parvati stumbles upon a bell that once belonged to Manikantan and the little girl is transported to the era in which Manikantan lived. The movie is expected to release in November 2008.

Adi Shankaracharya Quotes - Jagadguru Adi Shankara Quotes and Sayings

Quotes of Adi Shankaracharya from various sources.

Forgive me
Oh, Shiva
my three great sins!
I came on a pilgrimage to Kashi forgetting
that you are omnipresent.
In thinking about you
I forgot that You are beyond thought.
In praying to You
I forgot that You are beyond words.

Realizing everything to be Brahman itself, the wise man should then dwell in eternal bliss with his mind full of the essence of pure consciousness.
Just as it is water alone that appears as waves and tides, so does the self alone appear as many universes.
The self always shines as unconditioned for the wise and always as conditioned for the ignorant.
The distinction between the self and the not-self (body) is unnecessary for the wise.
Samadhi, whose other name is knowledge, is the forgetfulness of all mental activity by first making thought changeless and then identifying the consciousness with Brahman.

The sun shines on the earthen pot but as the sun is not destroyed when the earthen pot is destroyed; in the same…