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Devaprasnam at Sree Krishna Temple Guruvayur creates more troubles

The ongoing Devaprasnam at the GuruvayurSreeKrishnaTemple to know about the divine will is creating more controversies. Some of the observations by the astrologers conducting the Devaprasnam are making the Hindu community a laughing-stock.The astrologers observed that the change in dress code initiated by the Guruvayur Devaswom Board to allow women wearing ‘churidhar’ into the temple is not acceptable to Lord Guruvayurappan. Lord Krishna is not in favor of non-Hindus entering the temple. To allow or not to allow non-Hindu Lord Krishna devotees the SreeKrishnaTemple is an ongoing debate in Kerala.The Devaprasnam also indicated that there were flaws in the constructions done in and around the temple by the Devaswom Board. O Krishna… Please Forgive Them...
Update:Supreme Court of India Upholds Dress Code Change in GuruvayurTemple

Hundred Years of Diwali Celebrations in South Africa

A new book on Indian indentured laborers reveals that 2007 Diwali Celebrations in South Africa marks the 100th year of celebrations in the country. The Times South Africa reportsAshwin Desai and Goolam Vahed uncovered interesting information during research for their new book, “Inside Indenture.”Desai said their research led them to an important movement called the Hindu Young Men’s Association, which was formed in 1907 and organized the first communal Diwali celebrations in a hall.“It shows that although Indians arrived in Durban in 1860, it took almost 50 years for them to win the right to celebrate Diwali in 1907,” said Desai.The festival was officially recognized by municipal officials only in 1907, when Hindus were given permission to celebrate the occasion.“Being the 100th year of celebrations, we need to recognise and pay homage to those indentured labourers and many other Hindus who sacrificed a great deal to convince the white colonial authorities that Hinduism was a religion…

Sri Sri Ravishankar on Ignorance

What is Ignorance? It is when you view something that is not permanent as permanent, something that is not joy as joy and that which is not self as self. Thinking you have certain thoughts and emotions when you do not is ignorance.You feel the body is not changing, but the body is changing all the time. In 24 hours, your blood changes. In five days, the lining of your stomach changes. Doctors say the skin changes in a month. Every year, the cells in your body undergo some sort of transformation. Your body is like a river, always flowing, always changing. With every passing year, your body is new. Your mind is new. As you are awakened to this truth, you can identify your old fears or yourself.Ignorance is holding on to the past and an image of who you are. People think that it is a good thing to know who you are and have an image of your self. I tell you, if you have and idea of who you are, you are finished, you are stuck! You should not know who you are. You are changing every moment…

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