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Skanda Shasti in 2007

Skanda Shasti or Kanda Shasthi is a major festival dedicated to Lord Muruga or Kartikeya. It is observed in the month of Aippasi (October-November) and commemorates the victory of Lord Skanda over Demon Surapadma. The Skanda Shasti fasting in 2007 begins on November 10 and the Soorasamharam or Skanda Shasti festival is on November 15. The Kanda Shasthi Thiru Kalyana Utsavam is on November 16.Update:Skanda Shasti in 2008 October 29 to November 3.
The Skanda Shasti Vrat is believed to be highly beneficial and is observed mainly by Tamil speaking people. The Shasti vrat is also famous in Kerala. Legend has it that Muchukunda, a King South India, was advised by sage Vasishta regarding the correct observances of the Skanda Sashti Vrata. After observing the Vrata, King Muchukunda became powerful and famous and the fame of his kingdom spread around the three worlds. It is said that the King became so powerful that Lord Indra took his help to defeat Asuras.Skanda, son of Lord Shiva, symbolizes…

Comic Book on Yama – The Hindu God of Death

Yama – The Lord of Death is the latest offering from Virgin Comics in the India Authentic series. This is the seventh book on the India Authentic series produced by Deepak Chopra. About the comic book from Virgin Comics‘Death is but a pause, in a journey that never ends.’As the first of the mortals to die, Yama, the Lord of Death and Master of the netherworld of Narak, was entrusted with the task of forever ferrying souls across to the netherworld to await rebirth. But when he claims the life of a prince in exile, a battle of wits ensues between the Lord of death and the prince’s determined wife, who follows Yama to the fringes of the netherworld in an all out effort to reclaim the soul of her husband.The story is based on one of the immortal episodes in Hindu mythology – Satyavan and Savitri. The highlight of India Authentic Series is its illustrations. Yama – The Lord of Death will be released on November 14th 2007.

Swami Krishnananda on How to do meditation on Om?

Om is not a word; it is a vibration. It is a name for universal vibration. The whole cosmos is vibrating like this, and it started the vibration at the time of creation. You are trying to concentrate on that in your mind. You feel the sense of a universal vibration everywhere, like an electric energy emanating from the top of the universe till your heart. It vibrates everywhere. Feel deeply that the universe is vibrating through you. You are not one person sitting; you are only a little drop in the ocean of universal force, and because you cannot think it properly, one creates a symbol in the mind. Om, Om, Om. If you chant like this, you must feel a thrill in the body, a vibration inside every cell of the body. All the pranas will do like this, shaking, as if some electric shock is given, and you feel as if you are connected with the universal energy. To create that feeling, you recite Om like that. You should chant it properly, not quickly, with deep thought and feeling from the midd…