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Quotes on the Mahabharata

The Mahabharata, which covers the widest canvas of life, offers rich dividends in terms of guidance on worldly life and the intercession of divine grace in the case of those who do not swerve from Dharma. The epic takes devotees through an illuminating journey and finely distinguishes the laws of virtue through the characters who are caught in the dilemma of treading the fine line between right and wrong. In doing so, this great epic serves as an operating manual for one's life. Every verse of the epic is instructive and just as how one cannot plumb the ocean's depths, so too can none quantify the extent of benefit to be derived by devotees.

A man's undoing in this world is his attachment to all that is material, transitory and perishable. Even the most learned fail to be guided by the principle that nothing accompanies him from this world except his deeds, on the day of reckoning. The Virata chapter in the Mahabharata drives home the point that God takes care of the virtuous like a mother would her child. Hounded by their enemies at the fag end of their exile, the Pandavas, despite grave temptations refused to swerve from the avowed path of Dharma.

The trials and tribulations faced by them notwithstanding, the abounding grace of the Lord saved them. The brothers were protected just as an unborn child would be in the womb of its mother. Man's schemes and machinations come to nought in the kingdom of the Lord where virtue endures.

Sri Vidya Vachaspathi