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Mahayodha Ram – An animated 3D film based on Lord Rama

The new animation film titled Mahayodha Ram is in the 3D format and the film will be directed by Raizada Rohit Jaising Vaid. Produced by Abhimanyu Singh, the script of Mahayodha Ram is by Ashok Banker, author of six books on the series of Ramayana. Javed Akthar is writing the lyrics. The producers plan to release the movie in early 2008.

According to Ashok Banker, Mahayodha Ram is going to be contemporary for today’s younger generation. It’s going to push animation to the limit. It won’t be a simple mythological film like Hanuman. Mahayodha Ram will have suspense, romance and action. Something you have never seen in any Indian animation film so far. The idea is to show to Hollywood, if they make Lion King, so can we. (Times of India)

Incidentally, one of the earliest animated films based on Hindu Mythology was the Ramayana.

Hope, the producer of Mahayodha Ram has enough money and talent to taken on the Lion King.


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