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Maryada Purushottam Sri Ram – Story of Valmiki’s Search for the Perfect Man

Sri Ram is Maryada Purushottam – blessed with all the many good qualities which one can think of. The first chapter of Ramayana begins with Sage Valmiki’s search for such a person.

In the first of Chapter of Ramayan, Sage Narada finds Valmiki in deep thought and asks for the reason.
Valmiki answered: I wonder if there is, in this world of men, a single individual, a man blessed with all the many good qualities which one can think of.

Narada can enter everywhere even into the minds of people. And Valmiki knew that Narada would be able to answer his question.

Narada asked what these good qualities are.

“Integrity” said Valmiki. “Integrity, bravery, righteousness, gratitude, truthfulness, dedication to one’s principles, character without blemish, concern for all living beings, learning, skill, beauty, a pleasing appearance, courage, radiance, ability to keep anger under control, perfect control, a lack of jealousy at all times, undaunted heroism which can frighten even the celestials.”

This might sound a bit too much…. In fact Valmiki says to Narada “I know I am expecting perfection in a human being.”

But surprisingly Narada knew about such a man and that was Lord Rama.

Narada then narrates the story of Lord Ram to Valmiki. And it is this story which later became the immortal epic Ramayana.

(Source: Ramayana, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan)