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Hinduism and Spiritual Self Realization

Hinduism has never believed in injecting spirituality into an individual or a crowd. Instead in Hinduism, spiritual realization is an evolution that takes place in an individual. This means that Hindu religion does not point towards a particular path for the individual to follow. The individual chooses the path to self realization.

Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) has always maintained that spiritual experience is personal. Even the desire of acquiring self realization cannot be created in everybody. 

Similarly, we have several instances in Hindu Mythology where bookish knowledge and mere intellectual acceptance of the truth contained in scriptures have been scorned upon. 

This is because Sanatana Dharma strongly believes that blind faith in the words of a realized man or writings of in a holy scripture can never be equal to self realization.

Therefore instead of injecting spirituality, Hinduism believes in creating an atmosphere for self realization. This atmosphere is created through customs and ceremonies, through daily habits, through art and culture and through numerous other daily activities like consuming food. This is one of the reasons why Hinduism is a way of life.