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Story Of Brahma Tirtha And Other Sacred Ponds In Sholingur

Sholingur, renowned for its Sholingur Narasimha Temple and Anjaneya Swami Temple, is home to several sacred tirthas (ponds) that hold significant religious and historical importance. These tirthas are not only places of spiritual merit but also possess unique legends and healing properties. Among these, Brahma Tirtha stands out prominently.

Brahma Tirtha

Brahma Tirtha is considered the most auspicious among the tirthas around Sholingur. This sacred pond has a profound legend associated with it. It is believed that when Lord Shiva tore off one of the five heads of Brahma, Brahma came to Sholingur, dug this pond for his daily bath, and worshipped Lord Yoga Narasimha Swami. His devotion was so intense that the fifth head of Brahma eventually grew back. Bathing in Brahma Tirtha, especially on Thursdays, is considered highly auspicious.

The water of Brahma Tirtha is believed to have potent qualities that can absolve sins and cure various illnesses. Brahma Tirtha is located en route to the Sholingur Narasimha Temple hill, and it is said that 108 tirthas reside within it, making it a powerful site for spiritual purification. This tirtha is also known as Thakkan Kulam and has twenty-five steps leading down to the water.

Adjacent to Brahma Tirtha is the Sri Varadaraja Swamy Temple, where the Teppotsavam (float festival) and Teerthawari (holy bath) for Perumal are celebrated, attracting numerous devotees.

Hanumantha Tirtha

On the way to the temple of Lord Anjaneya, one encounters Hanumantha Tirtha. According to legend, this tirtha was dug by Anjaneya (Lord Hanuman) himself. It is a place of great sanctity where Valmiki Rishi is said to have performed penances for an extraordinary 87,000 years. It was only after such an extensive period of austerities that Lord Narasimha Swamy commanded him to compose the epic Ramayana. Bathing in Hanumantha Tirtha is believed to bestow spiritual merit and divine blessings.

Chakra Tirtha

Another significant tirtha in Sholingur is Chakra Tirtha. This sacred pond is known for its power to absolve the sin of brahma hatya dosha (the sin of killing a Brahmin). Devotees believe that bathing in Chakra Tirtha can cleanse one of this grave sin and bring about spiritual purification.

The sacred tirthas of Sholingur, with Brahma Tirtha as the most prominent, are integral to the spiritual landscape of the region. Each tirtha has its unique legend and divine significance, drawing devotees who seek spiritual cleansing, divine blessings, and healing. The presence of these holy waters, combined with the associated temples and festivals, makes Sholingur a vital pilgrimage destination in the Hindu tradition.