Nava Tirupathi Temples in Tamil Nadu

Nava Tirupathi is the combined name for nine temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu located on the banks of Thamiraparani River in Thoothukudi District. The nine temples lie on the main Tiruchendur – Tirunelveli roadand are within a radius of 12 kilometers. All the Nava Tirupati temples are Divya Desams (part the 108 temples of Vishnu). The nine temples are also associated with the nine planets or Navagrahas.

Nava Tirupathi Temples are:
  1. Kallappiran Temple at Srivaikuntam (40 KM from Thoothukudi) (Navagraha Surya or Sun)
  2. Vijayssana Perumal Temple at Natham (1km Srivaikundam) (Navgraha Chandra or Moon)
  3. Vaithamanidhi Perumal Temple at Thirukolur (8 KM Srivaikundam) (Navagraha Mars or Chevvai)
  4. Bhoomipalar Perumal Temple at Thirupulingudi (2 KM Srivaikundam) (Navagraha Mercury or Budha)
  5. Athinatha Alwar Temple, Thiruchendur (5 KM Srivaikundam) (Navagraha Guru or Jupiter)
  6. Makara Nedunkuzhai Kadhar Perumal Temple at Thenthirupperai (12 KM Srivaikundam) (Navagraha Shukra or Venus)
  7. Sri Mayakoothan Permual Temple at Perunkulam (8 KM Srivaikundam) (Navagraha Saturn or Shani)
  8. Devapiran Temple at Tolaivilimangalam (8 KM Srivaikundam) (also known as Erattai Thiruppathi) (Navagraha Rahu)
  9. Aravindalochanar Temple at Tolaivilimangalam (8 KM Srivaikundam) (also known as Erattai Thiruppathi) (Navagraha Ketu)

During the Garuda Sevai Festival in the month of Vaikasi (May – June), the utsava murtis of the main deities from the nine temples assemble at a single place. The utsava murties arrive atop Garuda Vahana.

A murti of Nammalvar is brought on Palanquin, his verses dedicated to each nine deities, and temples are recited.

This unique festival attracts thousands of devotees.

Among the nine temples, Athinatha Alwar and Srivaikundam are located on the main Tiruchendur – Tirunelveli. The other seven temples are located off the main road.

The shrines are around 40 km from Thoothukudi.