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Spanda Karika – Shaiva Text Explaining the Basic Tenets of Kashmir Shaivism

Spanda Karika is a Shaivite text composed by Bhatta Kallata. It explains the basic tenets of Kashmir Shaivism or Pratyabhijna Shaivism. It is in the form of a commentary on Shiva Sutras.

Spanda Karika contains 51 Shlokas and is divided into three sections – Svarupa Spanda, Sahaja Vidyodya Spanda and Vibhuti Spanda.

Svarupa Spanda explains about the fundamental cause of the universe and nature of the universe.

Sahaja Vidyodya Spanda enlightens about the nature of the manifest universe, different forms, methods to realize the ultimate and the 36 tattvas.

Vibhuti spanda – It narrates the glory of Shiva.

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