Ekadasi date in June 2011

Ekadasi fasting dedicated to Hind God Vishnu is observed on the eleventh day of fortnight in a traditional Hindu Lunar Calendar. Ekadasi Fasting Dates in June 2011 are June 12 and June 27. The Ekadasi on June 12, 2011 is of great significance as it is the Pandav Bhim Ekadasi or Nirjala Ekadasi – observing this particular Ekadasi is equivalent observing all the Ekadasis in a year.
The Ekadashi on June 27, 2011 is known as Yogini Ekadasi.
The fasting on the Ekadasi day is from sunrise to next day sunrise. Those observing partial fast eat fruits and drink milk. Food made of rice and grains are avoided. In some regions people consume Sabudana Khichadi.
There are some special rules for observing Nirjala Ekadasi and it can found here - How to observe Nirjala Ekadasi.
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