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Parashuram Jayanti 2017 Date – Parshuram Jayanthi 2017

Parashuram Jayanti celebrates the sixth incarnation of Hindu God Parasurama, who is the sixth incarnation of Sri Hari Vishnu. Parshuram Jayanti 2017 date is April 27 as per calendars followed in western part of India. In other regions, it is marked on April 28. Parashu means axe and Parashurama – the axe wielding Rama. The sole aim of his incarnation was to get rid of the corrupt ruling class and restore Dharma on earth.

Lord Parashurama was born as the son of Sage Jamadagni and Renuka on the third day during the waxing phase of moon in Vaisakha month (April – May). Exploits of Lord Parashurama are mentioned in Mahabharat, Ramayana and the Puranas. It is said that Lord Parashurama killed 21 generations of Kshattriyas – the ruling class.

This incarnation of Vishnu is associated with the origin of numerous temples in South India.

The day of Parashurama Jayanti is a highly auspicious day and Akshaya Tritiya is observed on the day.

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