How to observe Shukravar Vrat? – Friday Fasting

Shukravar, or Friday, is dedicated to Shukra or Venus and those believing in astrology worship Shukra for gaining prosperity, peace and progeny (children). One of the important Hindu deity that is worshipped on Friday is Santhoshi Mata (an incarnation of Shakti.)

The fasting dedicated to Shukra or Venus is from Friday sunrise to next day sunrise. Devotees eat a single meal on the day at night – mainly white colored food like kheer. Sour dishes are avoided by those observing fast.

White dress is worn on the day. White colored flowers and white rice is offered to Shukra or Venus.

In the evening those observing the fast listen to Shukravar Vrat Katha.

The fasting dedicated to Santhoshi Mata is observed for 16 consecutive Friday s and is it also ‘Solah Shukravar Vrat.’ This Vrat is slightly different from the fasting dedicated to Shukra or Venus.