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Huge 61 feet Hanuman Statue at Hosanadu Kodyadka near Mangalore in Karnataka

A 61 feet Hanuman Statue was consecrated at Shri Annapoorneswari Temple at Hosanadu Kodyadka in Moodbidri near Mangalore in Karnataka. Lord Hanuman is shown as carrying the Mountain with the Sanjeevani herb. The mammoth idol is located near the main gate of the temple.

Lord Hanuman is here referred as Hanumantha and the main temple is dedicated to Goddess Annapurna. The temple is maintained by Shri Jayaram Heggade, an NRI business man.

The temple also enshrines idols of other major deities in the Hindu pantheon.

Hosanadu Kodiyadka village is located a few kilometers off the Mangalore - Moodbidri - Karkala Road (National Highway 13). To reach, take a diversion to the west at Alangar on the highway which is near Moodbidri or Mudbidri.

Other huge hanuman statues around the world are the 85-feet hanuman statue in Trinidad and the 108-feet statue in New Delhi.


  1. There's another 105 feet tall Hanuman idol in Nandura near Jalgoan in Maharashtra. Thanks to this informative web page, I visited the beautiful Annapoorneshwari temple housing the majestic Hanumantha idol.

    Warm regards


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