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Bageshwari Ragam

Bageshwari Ragam is a popular raga in the Hindustani music style as well as in the Carnatic style of South India. Bageshvari raga is born out of Kaphi that (scheme of generator scale). Ragas of this that are sung in five angas (modes), namely kaphi, kanra, dhanasri, sarangi and malhara. Bageshwari raga is sun in the kanra mode.

Bageshwari raga has F (ma) as sonant (vadi svara), and C (sa) as consonant (samvadi svara). E and B (ga and ni) notes are soft (komala) in this raga. Other notes are natural (Shuddha). Since this raga uses five notes in ascent (D and G are not used in ascent) and six notes in the descending melodies (G is not used in descent), it is classified as pentatonic-hexatonic (audava-sadava) raga.

The uniqueness of Bageshwari Raga lies in the underscored compatibility of F and A notes. Since these two notes are prominent, G is not much used. Vocalists and instrumentalists demonstrate their skill between lower octave A and middle octave A, F, A and B (ma, dha and ni) are the rests in this raga.