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Ashta Siddhis Of Hanuman

Ashta Siddhis, often mentioned in Hindu scriptures, refer to eight supernatural powers or abilities. These powers are believed to be attainable through intense meditation and spiritual practices. In the context of Lord Hanuman, the revered figure in Hindu tradition, the Ashta Siddhis grant him extraordinary strength and control over his faculties. Each of these Siddhis endows him with unique capabilities, making him a powerful and divine being. Let's delve into each of the Ashta Siddhis and how they relate to Hanuman:

Anima (shrinking): This power allows Hanuman to reduce his size to the smallest possible dimension. In the epic Ramayana, Hanuman uses Anima to enter Lanka by shrinking himself to the size of a tiny insect, thereby avoiding detection by the demon guards.

Mahima (expanding): Contrary to Anima, Mahima enables Hanuman to increase his size to gigantic proportions. He demonstrates this ability during his search for Sita, where he grows enormously to leap across the ocean to Lanka.

Garima (becoming infinitely heavy): With Garima, Hanuman can increase his weight, making himself immovable. This power is particularly useful in battles, rendering him a formidable opponent whom enemies cannot lift or throw.

Laghima (becoming infinitely light): This siddhi allows Hanuman to become incredibly light, almost weightless. Laghima is instrumental during his flight across vast distances, such as his journey to the Himalayas to fetch the Sanjeevani herb.

Prapti (obtaining anything): Hanuman's ability to acquire any desired object is known as Prapti. This siddhi signifies his resourcefulness and the divine capability to fulfill any need or command, as seen when he finds the rare medicinal herbs to heal Lakshmana.

Prakamya (realizing dreams): Prakamya empowers Hanuman to realize any desire or goal he sets his mind to. This is evident in his unwavering determination to locate Sita and bring back valuable intelligence to Lord Rama.

Ishitva (absolute lordship): With Ishitva, Hanuman possesses lordship over creation. This siddhi gives him dominion over natural and supernatural elements, highlighting his divine status and immense power.

Vashitva (control over others): Vashitva allows Hanuman to control the minds and actions of others. This is not merely about physical control but also influencing thoughts and behaviors, as seen when he persuades others to act righteously or assists Rama's allies in the battle against Ravana.

Hanuman's mastery over these Ashta Siddhis underscores his divine nature and the blessings bestowed upon him by various deities. His unwavering devotion to Lord Rama and his noble character further amplify his supernatural abilities, making him an epitome of strength, devotion, and righteousness in Hindu mythology. Through these powers, Hanuman not only supports Rama in his quest but also serves as a symbol of the potential inherent in unwavering faith and spiritual discipline.