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Moro Pant – 18th Century Marathi Vaishnava Poet – Life Story – Literary Works

Moro Pant, a distinguished Vaishnava poet of the 18th century CE, left an indelible mark on Marathi literature through his prolific compositions. Born in 1729 CE, his journey commenced with an immersive study of Sanskrit under the tutelage of the esteemed Sanskrit scholar Keshavashastri Padhye. This early foundation laid the groundwork for Pant's later literary endeavors.

In 1753 CE, Moro Pant's path led him to Baramati, where the benevolent patronage of Baburao Naik provided him with the means to fully immerse himself in his scholarly pursuits. Freed from the constraints of financial worry, Pant dedicated himself entirely to study and the craft of writing. His patron's support enabled him to delve deep into the realms of mythology and literature, where he meticulously crafted his poetic expressions.

Pant's literary repertoire is a testament to his profound devotion and scholarly acumen. He embarked on his literary journey with compositions rooted in mythological narratives, drawing inspiration from timeless tales such as those of Harishchandra and Prahlada. As his artistic prowess flourished, he ventured into the realm of narrative poetry, producing masterpieces like Sita-gita, Rumkini-gita, and Savitri-gita.

Among his most celebrated works are condensed versions of epic sagas like the Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Srimad Bhagavad Purana, which he rendered into exquisite Marathi verse. Pant's compositions are distinguished by their elaborate and ornate style, enriched with Sanskrit flourishes that reflect both his aesthetic sensibility and scholarly depth.

In his later years, Moro Pant continued to weave his poetic tapestry with unwavering dedication. Works such as Mantra Ramayana, Mantra Bhagavata, Ganga-stavana, Sanshaya Ratnavali, Arya Kekavali, and Shloka Kekavali stand as enduring testaments to his literary legacy. In his poignant plea to Bhagavan Vishnu for liberation in his twilight years, Pant's spirituality shines through, underscoring the profound spiritual underpinnings of his creative endeavors.

Moro Pant's contributions to Marathi literature are multifaceted, encompassing both beauty and scholarship. His compositions continue to resonate with readers, transcending temporal boundaries to inspire and enrich successive generations with their timeless wisdom and artistic brilliance.