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Light Of The Atman Is Not Touched By Sexual Impulses

Sex consciousness is only a part of body consciousness, and it is only when this is transmuted into divine consciousness that perfect continence in thought and deed is attained. The journey toward this transformation involves awakening the anahata chakra, or heart center. When this chakra is activated, one experiences the light of the Self. In the brilliance and magnificence of this light, physical beauty and sense cravings lose their allure. The light of the Atman, the true Self, remains untarnished by sexual impulses, as the Atman is inherently sexless. Even after descending from this elevated experience of the Self, the memory of it remains, providing a shield against worldly temptations. Following this experience, the desire for spiritual bliss becomes paramount.

The practice of continence is thus intrinsically linked to achieving higher-order experiences. To reach this state, it is essential to transform our physical consciousness into a supra sensuous awareness, to activate the higher centers of consciousness, and to maintain our mind on a divine plane. These should be our primary focus. When this vital quest fully engages our mind and captures our imagination, the issue of sex diminishes and ultimately fades away.

The ultimate solution to overcoming sex consciousness lies in the complete transformation of one’s consciousness. By focusing on spiritual growth and enlightenment, the pull of physical desires weakens, leading to a state where spiritual bliss is the sole craving. This profound shift ensures that the problem of sex is not merely managed but transcended, resulting in perfect continence and a deeper connection with the divine.