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Lessons From Devotion Of Hanuman For Bhagavan Sri Rama

The devotion of Hanuman for Bhagavan Sri Rama is a profound and multi-faceted example of pure bhakti (devotion) in Hinduism. Here are some key lessons that can be drawn from Hanuman's devotion:

Selflessness and Service:

Hanuman's devotion to Rama is characterized by his selfless service. He dedicates his entire life to serving Rama without any expectation of rewards or recognition. This teaches us the importance of selflessness and serving others without ulterior motives.

Unwavering Faith:

Hanuman’s faith in Rama is unshakeable. Even in the face of insurmountable obstacles, Hanuman never wavers in his belief in Rama's power and goodness. This lesson underscores the importance of maintaining unwavering faith, even during difficult times.


Despite his immense power and capabilities, Hanuman remains humble and always considers himself a servant of Rama. His humility teaches us to remain grounded and humble, no matter how successful or powerful we become.

Courage and Determination:

Hanuman's courageous acts, such as leaping across the ocean to Lanka to find Sita, demonstrate the power of determination and courage when driven by love and devotion. It shows that true devotion can inspire extraordinary courage and persistence.

Pure Love:

Hanuman’s love for Rama is pure and unconditional. He doesn’t seek anything in return for his devotion. This highlights the concept of pure love, where the focus is on the beloved rather than on what one can gain from the relationship.

Loyalty and Commitment:

Hanuman's loyalty to Rama is absolute. His commitment never wavers, regardless of the challenges he faces. This teaches us the value of loyalty and staying committed to our principles and duties.

Wisdom and Knowledge:

Hanuman is not only a devoted servant but also wise and knowledgeable. His wisdom helps him solve complex problems and make sound decisions in the service of Rama. This shows that devotion does not mean blind faith; it can be complemented with wisdom and knowledge.


Hanuman is an example of how to be in the world yet remain detached. He performs his duties with full involvement but is not attached to the outcomes. This teaches the importance of performing our duties with dedication while staying detached from the results.

Devotion as Strength:

Hanuman's devotion is his greatest strength, empowering him to achieve the impossible. This teaches us that true devotion can be a powerful force, providing inner strength and resilience.

Role of a Devotee:

Hanuman exemplifies the ideal devotee who puts the divine will above his own. This teaches us that true devotion involves aligning our will with the divine will and striving to live in accordance with higher principles.

These lessons from Hanuman's devotion to Bhagavan Sri Rama provide a rich framework for understanding and practicing true devotion in life.