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Bharadvaja Srautasutra

Bharadvaja Srauta Sutra is available to us only as an incomplete text ending with the fourth kandika of the 15th prashna (question) without the description of several important rituals and yajnas like the Ashvamedha, Rajasuya, and Vajapeya. References in the text to the matters already explained and a large number of passages attributed to Bharadvaja Srauta Sutra and referred to in the commentaries of the other Srauta Sutras indicate that originally it was far more extensive than the present text. Its close correspondence with Apastamba Srauta Sutra suggests that it may have equaled the latter in scope and content.

Bharadvaja Srauta Sutra cites mantras from Vedas (except Samaveda), Satapatha Brahmana and Kaushitaki Brahmana. Some mantras from Taittiriya Samhita and Taittiriya Brahmana are cited in full and others in Pratika (symbolic representation).

The expression ‘vijnayate’ has been adopted while quoting from the Brahmanas. ‘Brahmanavyakhyatah has been used while referring to certain material for rituals and yajnas as explained in Brahmanas. Prose passages have sometimes been borrowed verbatim from Taittiriya and Satapatha Brahmanas. However, paribhashas (definitions) have not been dealt with systematically and are found in various places.

The treatise describes the avakirni prayascitta (atonement for violating the vow of chastity), which is generally dealt with in Grihya Sutras and Dharmasutras.