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What Happened To The Five Sons Of Draupadi Who Were Killed At Night After The Mahabharata War?

The five sons of Draupadi were killed at night after the Mahabharata war when they were sleeping by Ashwatthama. According to the Mahabharata, the five sons of Draupadi became Gandharvas after their violent death.

After the tragic incident where the five sons of Draupadi were killed by Ashwathama while they were asleep, they ascended to a higher realm according to certain interpretations of the Mahabharata. It's said that their souls transformed into Gandharvas, celestial beings known for their musical abilities and association with divine realms.

In Hindu tradition, Gandharvas are often depicted as celestial musicians and divine messengers. They inhabit the heavenly realms and are associated with beauty, harmony, and the arts. By becoming Gandharvas, the five sons of Draupadi found peace and liberation from the earthly sufferings caused by the war and their untimely demise.

This transformation signifies a shift from the mortal realm to a divine existence, where they are believed to have found solace and fulfillment in their new celestial form. It also reflects the complex and profound understanding of life and death present in Hindu tradition, where death is not necessarily the end but a transition to another state of being.