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Story Of Hanuman Meeting Vibhishana In Lanka

When Hanuman is stealthily looking around in Lanka, trying to spot Sita, he is not in the least attracted by the pomp and glory of Ravana’s palaces, but he is attracted by the look of one particular house. His attention is drawn towards this house in front of which there is a beautiful Tulasi plant. On the wall of the house, the great bow of Bhagavan Sri Rama is drawn.

These signs indicate that it is the house of a devotee of Bhagavan Sri Rama, and in all his wanderings through the glittering city of Lanka, it is only at this place that Hanuman is truly happy, and he goes inside the house. Just at that point, Vibhishana, the owner of that house, wakes up, and immediately on waking up he takes the name of Bhagavan Sri Rama. When Hanuman hears Vibhishana taking the name of Bhagavan he is confirmed in his belief that Vibhishana is indeed a devotee of Bhagavan Sri Rama.

Now Hanuman, thirsting for the company of a devotee of Bhagavan Ram (thirsting for satsanga not because he has to gain anything from it, for he is already fully realized, but simply enjoying the company of true devotees) in Lanka which is full of the enemies of Bhagavan Sri Rama, takes the garb of a Brahmin and takes Bhagavan Sri Rama’s name. Vibhishana is overjoyed to see a devotee and to hear about Bhagavan from him.

Sri Ramakrishna used to say that just as cannabis (bhang) addicts like to meet one another and enjoy the addictive stuff together, similarly devotees like to be in one another’s company and talk of Bhagavan. So both Hanuman and Vibhishana are happy to meet one another. They both have only one interest in the world – total devotion to the lotus feet of Bhagavan. Hence, they take no time in becoming friends. This is satsanga.

Both Vibhishana and Hanuman have sterling qualities as devotees. Vibhishana exemplifies steadfastness in devotion even in adverse conditions. He tells Hanuman that he lives among the demons like the poor tongue stays among the sharp teeth. He has been thirsting for the company of a devotee for so long, and now he is so happy to meet Hanuman. He expresses immense gratitude for what he sees as Bhagavan Sri Rama’s compassionate act of sending a true devotee, Hanuman, to him.

When Vibhishana says this to Hanuman, then Hanuman on his part can only think of the generosity of Bhagavan Sri Rama. He says that Bhagavan is always compassionate to his devotees, even to inferior creatures like himself, a monkey. Look at Hanuman’s humility! He is the greatest devotee of Bhagavan Sri Rama, and Bhagavan himself tells Hanuman (in Ramcharitamanas) that he could never repay him back, that he would forever remain indebted to Hanuman for all that Hanuman had done for him. Yet Hanuman never ever feels even the slightest tinge of pride for being such a great devotee. His humility is limitless. Such is the character of a true devotee.