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Karthika Purnima Pradakshina of Yoga Narasimhar Temple at Sholingur

Karthika Purnima pradakshina or going around the hill of Yoga Narasimhar Temple at Sholingur attracts thousands of devotees. Karthika Purnima Pradakshina 2024 date is December 13. In the quaint and spiritually significant temple town of Sholingur, devotees can find two prominent hills that hold great religious importance. These are:

  • Periya Malai (Big Hill): This hill is the abode of Lord Yoga Narasimhar, who is revered at the Yoga Narasimhar Temple.
  • Chinna Malai (Small Hill): This smaller hill is where Lord Anjaneya Swamy, a form of Lord Hanuman, is worshipped.

The village located at the foothills of these two sacred elevations is known as Kondapalayam. The name itself is derived from Tamil words—'Konda' meaning hill and 'Palayam' meaning town, reflecting its geographic and cultural significance.

Sacredness of the Hills

The hills are considered highly sacred by devotees due to their association with the divine presence of Lord Yoga Narasimha and Lord Anjaneya Swamy (Hanuman). Both hills attract numerous pilgrims throughout the year, but a particularly special event draws a significant number of devotees—Karthika Purnima.

Karthika Purnima

Karthika Purnima is a holy day celebrated on the full moon day in the month of Karthika (November-December). This festival holds immense importance in the Hindu lunar calendar and is celebrated with great fervor and devotion.

Pradakshina Tradition

On Karthika Purnima, devotees participate in a ritual known as Pradakshina—the act of circumambulating a sacred site or deity. In Sholingur, the Pradakshina involves walking around the Peria Malai, the hill of Yoga Narasimhar Temple. This act symbolizes reverence and the spiritual journey of devotees seeking blessings from the deity.

The Pradakshina Process

  • Preparation: Devotees prepare for the Pradakshina by observing fasts, performing rituals, and chanting prayers. They often gather in large groups, creating a sense of community and shared devotion.
  • Circumambulation: The circumambulation of the hill is a physically demanding task, as it involves walking around the entire perimeter of the hill. Despite the physical challenge, devotees undertake this journey with enthusiasm and devotion.
  • Spiritual Significance: Performing the Pradakshina is believed to cleanse one's sins, bring peace of mind, and grant divine blessings. It is also seen as a way to connect more deeply with the divine and the spiritual essence of the hills.

The Karthika Purnima Pradakshina at the Yoga Narasimhar Temple in Sholingur is a vibrant and spiritually enriching tradition that highlights the deep-rooted faith and devotion of the devotees. The hills of Periya Malai and Chinna Malai not only stand as geographical landmarks but also as towering symbols of religious devotion, attracting pilgrims who seek divine grace and spiritual fulfillment.