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Chandrasakhi – Vaishnava Bhakti Saint – Short Life History

Chandrasakhi, a luminary in the realm of Vaishnava Bhakti, graced the earth with his presence from 1643 CE to 1733 CE, leaving behind a legacy of devotional fervor that continues to inspire devotees today. Born as Chandra to Gopikanta in the region of Dacha (Bundelkhand), his early life found him immersed in the worldly duties of a Thanedar in Mocha near Dacha. However, the call of spiritual awakening beckoned him to a higher purpose.

Renouncing his worldly ties, Chandrasakhi embarked on a transformative journey to Vrindavan, the sacred land resonating with the divine love of Radha and Krishna. It was here that he found his spiritual guide and mentor in Balakrishna Swami, under whose tutelage he was initiated into the Radhavallabh sect, marking the beginning of his illustrious spiritual journey.

Adopting the name Chandrasakhi, he delved into the realm of devotional expression, composing soul-stirring bhajans and songs in his native Rajasthani tongue. His compositions, infused with the essence of rasa bhakti, reverberated with the ecstasy of divine love, touching the hearts of all who heard them.

Driven by an unyielding passion to spread the message of devotion, Chandrasakhi traversed far and wide, his melodious voice and graceful movements becoming conduits for the dissemination of spiritual wisdom. Through the medium of dance and music, he kindled the flames of devotion in the hearts of seekers, guiding them towards the path of divine union.

As the twilight years of his life approached, Chandrasakhi returned to his roots in Dacha, where he peacefully departed from this mortal realm at the venerable age of ninety. Yet, his spiritual legacy endured, immortalized in the timeless verses and melodies he bestowed upon the world.

In reverence to his teachings and contributions, the Chandrasakhi tradition found a sacred abode in the form of the Ani-Akhara center, established in Nima-ka-thana, within the hallowed precincts of the Sikar region in Rajasthan. Today, his divine presence continues to resonate through the devotional fervor that echoes in the hearts of countless devotees, keeping alive the flame of devotion ignited by the illustrious saint, Chandrasakhi.