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Anganyasam is the order in which Veda mantras are chanted. The order of chanting Veda mantras is Rishi, Chandas and Devata and the person touches head, lips and heart respectively. Nasaym here means offering. For example, the rishi of Gayatri mantra is Vishwamitra Rishi, Chandas is Gayatri and Devata is Savitri or Savitav. When Gayatri mantra is chanted the person touches the top of the head with three fingers of right hand (ring, middle and index finger) and recites Asya Srigayatrimahamantrasya Vishwamitra Rishim. While reciting Gayatrichandah the middle, index and thumb fingers of the right hand are used to close the mouth. While reciting Savita Devata, the four fingers of the right excluding the thumb finger are positioned on the middle of heart.

The sankalpam is that as Rishi is Guru the head is touched, as Chandas is alphabet lips are touched and as devata of the mantra is to be known by intelligence heart is touched.

Some of the ananyasam include Panchangam, Shadangam and Ashtangam.

It is believed that to achieve the desired result of mantra japa, anganyasam should be followed. Usually, the Guru teaches the Anaganyasam to a student.