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Gopis of Vrindavan In Pushtimarg Teachings

The Pushtimarg teachings give importance to Gopis of Vrindavan and believes them as daily helpers and enjoyers of the perennial bliss provided by Radha Rani and Bhagavan Sri Krishna. Radha is the leader of them all and no one questions her supremacy.

In the form of Radha and the gopis, Bhagavan Sri Krishna expands his blissful aspect and revels in the same. In the Pushtimarg of Vallabhacharya, the ashta sakhis are Champakalata, Candrabhaga, Visakha, Lalita, Padma, Bhama, Vimala and Chandrarekha.

In Pushtimarg literature, Bhagavan Sri Krishna is supposed to incarnate (avatarita) with his entire entourage from Goloka with Radha, gopis, gopas, the cows and the calves in the Braja area specified for His sport (Liladhama). Gopis are divided into groups according to the material attitude to which they adore Sri Krishna; svakiya (married) or parakiya (not married to him). Parakiya has precedence, as it is to be practice in spite of heavy opposition from the relatives and societal pressures, symbols of worldly stumbling blocks and temptations in the path of constant god-mindedness.