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Ten Minor Siddhis Or Mystic Powers In Hinduism

Ashta Siddhis (eight mystic powers) attainable through Yoga are very famous. But there are also ten minor siddhis. They are

  1. Anurmimatvam – absence of hunger and thirst, old age etc.
  2. Durasravana – capacity to see and hear from an unusual distance
  3. Manojava – speed to travel to be increased at will to that of mind
  4. Parakaya Praveshanam – leaving one’s own body and entering any other (untenanted) body
  5. Svachanda Mrityu – giving up the mortal coil of oneself at will
  6. Devanam Saha Krida – participation in the pastimes of gods
  7. Sankalpa Siddhi – attainment of one’s desired ends or goals
  8. Ajnapratigatahati – exercising authority unopposed everywhere
  9. Sarvajnatva – to know things relating to past, present, and future; to remain unaffected by pairs of opposites (like heat and cold, joy and sorrow etc.)
  10. Agnistambha – to read another’s mind; to neutralize the power of fire, Sun, poison etc.

It is explained in Bhagavata Tatparya Nirnaya of Madhvacharya that the latter ten minor siddhis can be merged into the eight major siddhis.