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Story – Shikhandi Of Mahabharata And Yaksha Sthunakarna

The story of Shikhandi and yaksha Sthunakarna from the Mahabharata is indeed a fascinating tale of transformation and revenge. It begins with Amba, the daughter of the King of Kashi, who seeks to marry Shalva, the ruler of Saubha. However, her plans are disrupted when she is abducted by Bhishma during her swayamvara and taken to Hastinapura to be wed to his brother, Vichitravirya.

Despite her objections and attempts to reunite with Shalva, Amba finds herself rejected by both him and Vichitravirya. Desperate for revenge against Bhishma, who caused her plight, she seeks help from various gods and eventually receives a garland from Lord Kartikeya, which is prophesied to be the cause of Bheeshma's downfall.

However, no warrior dares to wear the garland, knowing its significance. In her determination, Amba undergoes severe penance and gains a prophecy of her future role in Bheeshma's demise. She embraces death, eagerly awaiting her rebirth.

Amba is then reincarnated as Drupada's daughter and retains memories of her past life. When she encounters the garland again, she wears it, which leads to her exile due to Drupada's anger. In her exile, she encounters a Yaksha named Sthunakarna, to whom she reveals her story.

Moved by her plight, Sthunakarna offers to help her and suggests exchanging her sex with him so that she can fulfill her revenge as a man. Amba agrees, and she undergoes a transformation, becoming Shikhandi.

As Shikhandi, she plays a crucial role in the Kurukshetra War, ultimately fulfilling her desire for revenge against Bhishma by becoming the instrument of his downfall. Thus, the story of Shikhandi is one of determination, transformation, and the pursuit of justice.