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Story Of Valandhara, Wife Of Bhima In Mahabharata

Valandhara's story intertwines with the grand saga of the Mahabharata, adding a colorful thread to the tapestry of characters and events. Born as the princess of the Kashi Kingdom, she was the daughter of King Subahu, who ruled over the ancient city. Her life took a pivotal turn when the valiant Bhima, one of the Pandava brothers, embarked on the Rajasuya conquests to the eastern kingdoms.

During his conquests, Bhima encountered and defeated the kings of Kasi and Kosala, impressing King Subahu and his daughter, Valandhara, with his remarkable might, prowess, and strength. Valandhara, with a face resembling a cluster of lovely blue lotuses, was captivated by Bhima's valor and eventually became his wife, joining the illustrious lineage of the Pandavas.

Together, Valandhara and Bhima bore a son named Sarvaga, who inherited his father's bravery and eventually ascended to the throne of Kashi after the conclusion of the Kurukshetra war, which reshaped the destiny of nations and dynasties.

However, despite her marital ties to the Pandava household, Valandhara chose to remain in Kashi, where she lived with her son in her father's house. This decision was influenced by a promise made by the Pandavas to Draupadi, the queen of the Pandavas, that no other wives of the Pandavas would reside in the same palace as she did. Thus, Valandhara respected this commitment and continued to dwell in Kashi, nurturing her family alongside her son and the memories of her union with the mighty Bhima.