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Story Of Sri Krishna And Arrogant Washerman Of Mathura

The story of Sri Krishna and arrogant washerman happened when Sri Krishna and Balarama were visiting Mathura for the first time on the invitation of King Kamsa. Balarama and Sri Krishna walked like lions along the streets of Mathura and people of Mathura showered flowers upon them.

While Krishna and Balarama were walking along, they saw a washerman carrying a large bundle of clothes strapped on his back. Krishna called to him and requested him to spare them some clothes.

The washerman was a servant of Kamsa and was proud of his job. He got annoyed and scornfully told Krishna that he was a mannerless lout and these clothes belonged to the King of Mathura and is not meant for people like Krishna who wander on hills and forests with cows. He warned them for asking royal clothes and mocked them as brainless rustics and told them that if king’s soldiers heard it they would be beaten up.

Krishna was angered by the abusive approach of the washerman and he struck him on his head. The blow was so powerful that the washerman fell down and died instantly. The assistants of washerman dropped all the clothes they were carrying and ran away. Krishna and Balarama opened the bundle and took clothes that they liked. The rest of the clothes were distributed among the people.