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Story – How Nala Married Damayanti With The Help Of A Swan

Nala, the noble king of Nishada, was captivated by the tales of Damayanti's beauty and grace, spoken by Sage Narada. His heart yearned to unite with her in marriage, and so he set forth on a journey to make this desire a reality.

In the course of his travels, Nala encountered a picturesque lake, its tranquil waters adorned with elegant swans gliding gracefully. Among them, a small swan with resplendent golden plumes stood out like a beacon of allure. Drawn by its beauty, Nala reached out and captured the swan by its leg, albeit with gentleness, as he was not inclined to harm such a creature. He expressed his intention to take the swan to his palace, to dwell there amidst luxury and comfort.

As days passed, Nala found himself consumed by longing for Damayanti, his heart heavy with the ache of separation. Sensing his distress, the compassionate swan inquired about the cause of his sorrow. Nala confided in the bird, sharing his fervent desire to marry Damayanti. Touched by the king's plight, the swan pledged its assistance and departed, promising to return within a week.

True to its word, the swan ventured to the royal gardens of Kundanpur, where Damayanti wandered amidst the fragrant blooms. With eloquence, the swan extolled Nala's virtues and recounted tales of his noble character. Intrigued by the swan's words, Damayanti's curiosity was piqued, and she resolved to learn more about this king who had captured the swan's loyalty and admiration.

Upon the swan's return, bearing news of Damayanti's interest and affection for him, Nala was filled with joyous anticipation. Grateful for the swan's invaluable assistance, he released the bird, allowing it to return to its natural abode.

As the auspicious day of Damayanti's swayamvar arrived, Nala stood amidst a gathering of princes, his heart buoyed by the prospect of uniting with his beloved. Amidst the assembled royalty, Damayanti's gaze was fixed solely upon Nala, her heart recognizing its true companion. With unwavering resolve, she adorned Nala with the garland, declaring him her chosen consort.

In the sacred bond of marriage, Nala and Damayanti embarked on a journey of love and companionship, their union celebrated by their subjects with fervent joy and jubilation. Thus, amidst the blessings of gods and the adoration of their people, the tale of Nala and Damayanti's union blossomed into a timeless saga of love, loyalty, and destiny fulfilled.