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Non-Intimate Cause In Hindu Philosophy

Asamavayi Karana is the philosophical concept of non-intimate cause in Hindu religion. Asmavaayi karana is one of the causes of any product – the other two are samavayi (intimate) and nimitta (instrumental) causes.

Non-intimate cause is a link as it were between the intimate cause and the product. It is a cause which is inseparably united in the same object either with the effect or with the intimate cause. Hence, it is of two kinds. One is intimately connected with the material cause and is thus in apposition with the product.

The conjunction with which the separate threads are held together and which enables them to form the cloth piece is the non-intimate cause, because being a quality, it resides in the threads by intimate relation and is thus in apposition with the cloth.

The example of the second kind of non-intimate cause is the color of the threads which is the non-intimate cause of the color of the cloth. The color of the threads is not the intimate cause of the piece of cloth, because they are (not in apposition), and so there can be no connection between them. They are connected only indirectly. Both conjunctions of threads and the color of threads are, however, called the non-intimate cause of cloth and the color of the cloth respectively.