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Jagat Karana In Hinduism – Cause Of Universe

Jagat Karana in Hinduism explains the cause of the universe. Paramatma or Parabrahma is the immanent transcendental cause of the world. He is the generative and primary ground, being samavayi (inherent), nimitta (instrumental) and also asamavayi (non-instrumental) karana (cause) of this moving jagat. This is the first characteristic of God, established in the first chapter of Brahmasutra of Veda Vyasa and explained well in Sri Bhashya of Ramanuja.

Parabrahma (Ishwara) is cidacid-visishta (different from the individual self / self and matter). It is established that he is the sole cause of the universe in the first pada (quarter) of the first chapter of Brahmasutra. It is also clearly brought out that neither cetanavastu (individual being) nor acetnavastu (any other matter) can become jagat karana in the second, third and fourth padas of the first chapter referred above. He is the indwelling ruler of the finite self and the goal of life.

Jagat karana Brahma is expressed in five different forms, namely, Para, Vyuha, Vibhava, Antarayami, and Arca.

Jagat Karana Vastu is full of attributes, as detailed below:

  • Kalyana gunakara (granary of good qualities) like satya, jnana, ananta, ananda.
  • Prapya prapaka bhuta (path and guide for realization)
  • Mukti Prapya (meant for realization by seekers of emancipation)
  • Vedanta Vedya (understandable by Vedanta)
  • Apunaravrti Lakshana Mukti Prada (non-returnable bliss by bestower)
  • Niyanta and Sesi (controller and master)
  • Adhara and Sriyah Pati (basis and the husband of his consort Sri)
  • Akhilaheya Pratyanika (devoid of all bad qualities)
  • Rakshaka (ruler and redeemer)
  • Paramajyoti, lokasundara and manmatha.