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Kuningan Day 2024 – The end of the Galungan Holiday Festival

Kuningan Day is a significant celebration in Bali, marking the conclusion of the Galungan holiday cycle, occurring every 210 days, ten days after Galungan. Kuningan festival 2024 date is October 5. Brass Penampahan feast is on October 4. It holds deep cultural and religious significance for the Balinese people, rooted in their beliefs about the journey of their ancestors and their relationship with the divine. Kuningan marks the end of 10-day Galungan festival.

The Balinese view Kuningan Day as the time when their ancestors conclude their visit to the earthly realm, returning to heaven after the festivities of Galungan. To honor and bid farewell to their ancestors, Balinese families prepare elaborate offerings, typically consisting of yellowed rice placed in small coconut leaf bowls, along with seeds, fish, and various fruits like papaya and cucumber. The yellow rice, symbolizing gratitude towards God for life's blessings, is a central element of these offerings.

Moreover, the offerings are adorned with miniature figures of shadow puppets, representing angels believed to bring joy and prosperity to Earth. It's believed that on Kuningan Day, Ida Sang Hyang Widhi (God) bestows blessings and prosperity upon the world, reinforcing the importance of this day in Balinese spirituality.

Traditionally, celebrations are conducted before noon, as it's believed that the gods and goddesses return to heaven to continue their spiritual practices. Decorations such as tamiang and endongan adorn homes and temples during this time, serving as reminders of karma and the necessity to protect oneself from negative influences.

Tamiang, resembling a round shield, symbolizes protection and the cyclical nature of life. It serves as a visual reminder for individuals to safeguard themselves against harmful actions and energies.

Endongan, shaped like a bag or pocket and made from coconut leaves, represents provisions for the journey from earth to heaven. It contains various items such as seeds, fruits, and tubers, symbolizing the essential elements humans need for their spiritual journey—knowledge and homage.

In some Balinese villages, particularly in the Gianyar region, Barongs or ngelawangs, lion-like creatures, roam from house to house accompanied by children playing traditional Balinese musical instruments. If a Barong visits a house, it's customary to offer a canang with sesari (money) as a gesture of respect. In return, the Barong will bless the house and its occupants through a traditional dance performance.